About Me

An Astrologer Mr.Dhawal Bhalla Ji comes from a religious and simple living family of northen India. due to religious background his interest was more towards mystical and the para-normal subjects. From his childhood he is fond of reading mystical books (granths) and use to search about these subjects. Then he found his deep interest in astrology and then he spent in detailed research and Study of astrology, numerology, gemology, palmistry and vastu.

He has established an Exclusive Identity of his own by his deep Study, thinking & Research & Knowledge of Kundali predictions, refer Stones, vastu visit, numerology, varshfal, prashan shastra, palmistry, and with various systems of Astrology he is their for you to guide you from the problems coming in your way with his powerful remedies to show you the way to your success which are very very effective also.

His method of prediction is completely different from other Astrologers as well as Numerologists because he does Calculations of the Degrees of the Planets affecting your Horoscope (Janam Kundli ), He checks the Degrees of the Planets that whether they are in the state of Infancy, Old Age or the Degree Level of Planets is Moderate.

He has gone into the Depth of these sciences to remove the misconceptions which are prevailing in the society regarding these sacred Mystic Sciences. He is an Expert in giving Vastu Consultations to the people Invite him for Vastu visits in almost all the Countries of the World Across the Globe. His method of Prediction is totally Scientific & Logical with Reasoning and Facts. Anybody planning to buy a House, Flat , Plot , Office , Bungalow, Shop, Showroom , Factory, Industrial Plot, in any Place all over the World loves to get that place Checked according to Vastu Shashtra He has such An Exhaustive & Deep Knowledge of Vastu Shashtra. His Consultations & Advices are Scientific & are Always Based on some Logic & Reasoning.

HIS REMEDIES ARE SO PRECISE & SO MUCH RESULT ORIENTED THAT anyone who has problems & after doing these remedies, the person feels so much relaxed as if the problem was never in his / her life.


thanks to solve my all problems Bhalla g -- Neeraj Saini
thanks to sir my stone's is awesome -- aman
I am Very Satisfied with the services provided by Mr Dhawal Bhalla. Exellent ! !00% Recommended -- Ramandeep Singh