how to control teenage son and daughter

Hello friends, astro dhawal is welcoming you in future guide programme.
Last time we’ve made a video- REMEDIES FOR STUBBORN KIDS.
Most of people liked it, many people commented on it.
So many people called us, mothers called.
So, we are making a video about same topic, especially for mothers, over their special demand.
Since we had made a video last time that was only for 8 years old below.
Today we are going to talk about, telling remedies about, that are from 8 to 16 years old kids
The kids whose age 8 to 16 they get stubborn.
They can’t be control by parents.
They go to wrong habits.
They stick in to bad companies.
Many time they become very secretive. And become irritative, become angry
And start to live separate from their family and other people.
Parents get in stress that how they can control their kids
How can they take their kids into their company or good company.
And how can them behaviour as their parents want.
For these things, I am going to tell you remedies
It is very simple, easy remedy
Pick up the pen, pencil and start to write
First of all, what you have to do- the undergarments of your kids,
You have to take their under garments & keep them under your pillow or below your bed sheet at any Wednesday
And if possible, you can keep the under garments that place, where you put your back while sleeping.
And next day your kids want their under garments after taking a bath.
You should give them that ones.
You have to follow this remedy from Wednesday to 40 days so like this.
Number 2nd you have to take a small silver metal piece and have to write your and your child name on it.
After that you put this silver piece into small honey bottle
Cover the bottle properly with newspaper or with something else.
Keep it hidden either in child’s almirah
If they have bad box, keep it in their bed box.
You have to do this remedy on Friday only.
And beside this you have to do one more thing
That’s very important thing.
As a result your child will be get under control very soon
What you have to do –
Don’t give your child food at their bed, special where they sleep at
They could not be able to eat non-veg
Do not give them things made on fire at their bedroom
And don’t give them junk food at their bed.
And try to not let them eat food on their bed; they should eat out of bedroom
Try to follow these remedies for long time.
After this their stubbornness will be decrease.
They will get start to obey you.
They’ll start give importance to their parents if they are not giving now.
The kids, who keep secret, will no longer keep secret.
Their things will be opened by somehow.
Girl showing stop gesture to angry mother in bed

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