Individuals born Ascendant Taurus, and Sun in the horoscope of the moment 17 August 2014 to 16 Sep 2014  is running in forth houseThe effect of this will be on you like this

This month the attainment of pleasure and the benefits you receive from your mother-in-law to be. But would not some good health of mother.


In the eight years between the ages of seventeen children will benefit from school or college fees can be waived.

 Home and family are the advantages of a person will stop funding.

The Student will be difficult for them to study during the day and will remain idling.

Sun is the fourth house in the horoscope of the children in their home and their parents have big fights could be a loss of precious objects.

From parents to children, vehicles, etc. can be receive.

Heartburn, and the Problem of High BP will too.

Time travel, you also have to face the trouble of many kinds.

Gold remains one of the items in this month, you should not wear.

The girls have just been married, they would benefit from in-laws.

School etc. will achieve any gain or fame.